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November 11th, 2014 - by Sheldon (our mascot)

     Dr. Early seemed rushed when we left the clinic on Friday.  Seemed like it took forever to get to Colorado Springs.  We arrived exactly at 4 pm and hurried into the hotel where we went to our first meeting. 

     Because Dr. Early is the district representative for Weld County for the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), we went to a leadership orientation so she could learn what is expected of her in that job.  After that, we mingled with other veterinarians.  There was some good salad there!  Then Ralph Johnson, the executive director of CVMA came over to meet me.  He insisted I needed to go get a name badge from Nancy so everyone would know that I am an important sheep.  Nancy and Debrah were more than happy to get me an official badge and lanyard.  I wore it all weekend. Dr. Early was tired so we checked in, went to our room,and she was soon asleep.  I stayed up a little bit and talked to my new friend the bear who lives in the hotel room.

     We were up bright an early the next morning. We spent a few moments outside enjoying the view of Cheyenne Mountain from the deck at the hotel while eating breakfast. It wasn't long though before I found myself sitting in a room full of people with a giant screen.  Dr. Early got a lot of information about how to better serve clients and patients even without having to come in to the hospital. Right after that, there was lunch but that didn't mean there wasn't still meetings.  Lots of people got up to talk about things going on in veterinary medicine in Colorado.  At least we still got to have dessert! 

    The afternoon brought commission meetings.  Dr. Early and I attended the Commission on Leadership.  There was a lot of great discussion about being a leader in CVMA and how to make being a leader easier and more rewarding and encourage others to join the organization.  Did you know that all of the doctors at Sheep Draw are members of the CVMA?  

     We had one more thing to do before heading home.  As a District Representative, Dr. Early attends a meeting of the CVMA board twice a year to vote on issues affecting veterinarians in Colorado. Boy, it sure takes a lot of work to make sure animals in Colorado get the best care possible.  The meeting ended and I said goodbye to all my new friends.  I can't wait to see them again in the spring!

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