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    From the friendly voice on the phone, to the first and last faces you see when visiting us, our reception staff enhances your experience with us.

  • Alisha

    I was born and raised right here in Colorado.  As a young girl, I always knew I wanted to work in the medical field and it wasn't until I turned 15, that I realized I wanted to work with animals.  I have always had a passion for barn cats and horses.  So off to Wyoming, I went.  I graduated in 2014 from Eastern Wyoming College with my A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology.  After working as a technician for a while, I realized that I had more passion for being a receptionist and providing excellent customer service.  I have a wonderful family with 3 girls, 2 dogs, and a cat.   am thrilled to have joined the Sheep Draw team and look forward to meeting you and your companions. 

  • Bailey Moore

    I was born and raised in Springdale, Arkansas. It was there that I developed my love for all things furry. I trained and showed horses until the age of 18. I decided to make a career change, become a hairstylist and move to Windsor, Colorado with my husband and the love of my life, my son, Brysen. We moved to Greeley in 2013, where I realized I wanted to be more involved in the animal industry. I joined the Sheep Draw team in 2014 and have loved every minute of it. I have extended my family while being in Colorado to an adorable, wrinkled, Dalmatian mix rescue named Abel and a “Super excited all the time” Doberman Pinscher named Rader. 

  • Tara Parkhurst

    I was born and raised in Upstate New York.  Growing up I grew a love for all animals.  I attended culinary school with a concentration in baking and pastry.  Shortly after graduating I moved to Vermont to pursue my dreams in the Culinary field. It was then I adopted my first dog Archie and he changed everything!  I left my culinary job and started work in boarding facilities.  It wasn't long after I went back to school and received a certificate for dog grooming.  I've been grooming for many years and recently made the switch into the veterinary care side of things.  I moved to Colorado in 2015 with my little man Archie, crazy bulldog Lola, and amazing boyfriend Jordan.  We have added Hank, a Great Dane, to our fur family.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Sheep Draw team and can't wait to meet your fur babies!

  • Heather Lillie

    I spent most of my growing up years on the plains of the Konza Prairie in Kansas where I was actively involved in 4-H showing dairy goats and rabbits.  I adored animals from a young age and was always helping, catching, or raising some type of furry or scaly friend.  I started at KSU studying biology, but I moved to Colorado to be with my amazing husband Colin shortly after.  After having our two beautiful children I opted to finish my degree online and switched by degree plan.  I graduated from CSU Global in 2015 with a degree in Business Management.  In my spare time I still enjoy showing Jersey Wooly rabbits with my children running to soccer games, or walking our pack of four little dogs around the block.  I am overjoyed to be working at Sheep Draw Veterinary Hospital where my love for animals and joy of helping people can cross paths daily! 


    Our technicians have a multitude of skills.  From gathering information about your concerns for your pet, to drawing up medications, assisting in surgery, taking radiographs, placing catheters, administering fluids, and running lab samples, the techs are an indispensable part of our team.  They are often the helpful voice on the phone when you have a question about your pet's medications.

  • Crystal Davis
    Surgical Technician

    I am a Colorado native, raised in Eaton.  I grew up on a farm, raising many different species of livestock and participated in 4-H and FFA.  Knowing my compassion for animals I sought a job that would allow me to help these four legged bundles of joy.  I have been a vet-tech since 2009 and joined Sheep Draw in 2014.  I love educating clients and performing dental procedures.  I have a husband, 2 horses, 3 cats, and 1 dog who I absolutely adore.  I enjoy the outdoors and crafting gourds into beautiful works of art!

  • Shoshawna Boyer
    Veterinary Technician

    I was born in Colorado and raised in Berthoud where I graduated high school.  As the daughter of a veterinarian I have always had a passion for animals.  I decided to turn this passion into a career of taking care of animals.  I started working for my parents at their Veterinary Hospital 16 yrs ago.  I worked my way up to a Veterinary Technician and have enjoyed every minute of it. When my parents retired in 2016; I needed to find another place to continue my passion and career.  I was lucky to find and join the team at Sheep Draw Veterinary Hospital in June 2016.  When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my wonderful family; my husband and 2 beautiful children, Jade and Tristen.  I also have 4 four-legged kids: a dog, a horse and 2 cats.

  • Jessica Cox
    Veterinary Technician

    I was born and raised in Windsor, Co. Growing up my family always had cats and dogs, that is when my love for animals started! I graduated high school in 2009, after high school I explored my animal career options but in 2012 they were put on hold when I got married to my wonderful husband, Brandon. He is a Marine and we moved all over the country for about 2 and a half years. He got out in 2014 and we moved back to Windsor where we still live with our cat Forest and our 3 dogs Athena, Aspen and Titan. I started school in 2015 at Front Range and in late 2016 I was accepted into their Veterinary Technology program. I graduated in May 2018 and I joined  the Sheep Draw team in September 2018. I look forward to having a long career in a field I love!

  • Miranda Hill
    Veterinary Technician

    Being born and raised in Greeley, Colorado my love for animals and adventure continue to grow. When growing up with a family of seven siblings we never lacked for pets to keep life interesting; from rabbits and guinea pigs, foster kittens, our beloved German shepherds, and finally convincing my parents to let me take horseback riding lessons, I loved how different they all were. After several small trips to other states and living over-seas for six months out of high school to get my traveling fix, I finally decided the veterinary technician route was for me. I graduated from Front Range Community college with my Vet Tech degree in 2017, promptly married a man worth waiting for, and currently live in Greeley with our odd-ball, unintentionally-adopted blind cat Mister Einstein.

  • Krista Turk
    Veterinary Technician

    I am a Colorado native. I grew up in a military family, which gave me the chance to travel.  I have had a strong passion for animals, for as long as I can remember. My early animal related jobs include horse stables, dog boarding facilities, and local humane societies. Those introductory positions gave me many opportunities, to learn about animal care and behavior.  I’ve been in the veterinary field for six years now. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with an emphasis in Biomedical Science.  My animals are a German shepherd mix, a Pitbull mix and two cats.  My human family includes a loving husband and a beautiful daughter. In my free time I enjoy horseback riding, going to the mountains and volunteering at The Wild Animal Sanctuary.


    Working in concert with both the doctors and technicians, our assistants help in every section of the hospital.  Their nursing care helps ensure the comfort of your pet during it's hospitalization.

  • Arrin Bizelli
    Veterinary Assistant

    Being a native of Colorado, I grew up on a small farm in Elizabeth, CO.  Always having a strong love of animals, my love for them grew tremendously over the years as our little farm got bigger.  I participated in many animal related events, including 4-H, equine showmanship, and local rodeos.  After graduating high school, I earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Zoology.  After college, I started working in veterinary medicine as a technician where my career has taken off.  I currently live in Evans with my wonderful family, 11 year old black lab, Chato, and 17 year old orange and white kitty, Oliver.

  • Alexandra Hilton
    Veterinary Assistant

    I was born and raised in Greeley, Colorado and graduated from UNC with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2011.  Shortly after graduation I married my high school sweetheart Chase.  We have two M boxers that are the light of lives - our male Lakai, who arrived with my engagement ring around his collar, and our little girl Lana who joined us a couple years later.  My passion for helping others has led me from the restaurant industry, to the field of mental health, and even a salon.  I joined the Sheep Draw team in April of 2016 as a receptionist and have since been cross trained as a veterinary assistant.  I enjoy interacting with our clients and getting to meet all of the fun, furry personalities that come through the door with them!  

  • Kelli Burgess
    Veterinary Assistant

    I was born and raised in Greeley. I moved to the Longmont and Johnstown area for a few years but have remained a Colorado native all my life. In my spare time I enjoy spending time on the motorcycle with my wonderful boyfriend, Kenny, making memories with my children and family, or just hanging out at home with a good movie. I have two wonderful children…my handsome son, Jaton and my beautiful daughter, Kaitlyn. They are the joy of my life and I love to devote everything I can to them. Our family is blessed with three adorable furry kiddos. A fun loving, energetic pitbull/boxer mix named Dutchess, a spitfire of a lab mix named Harley Quinn, and my little problem child, a Yorkie named Muppet. I strive to be my best to show my kids that with hard work and determination you can achieve anything no matter what life throws your way. I was a stay-at-home mom for nearly 14 years prior to experiencing some life changes that sent me back into the workforce. I tried several areas of work looking for my niche but soon realized that I truly love to work with animals and am intrigued by the veterinary field. I joined Sheep Draw’s awesome team in July of 2016 as a receptionist and am now cross training to get into tech world as well. I look forward to meeting all of Sheep Draw’s clients and their awesome pets and hope that I can be a valuable team member here for many years to come.


    When you are away from home, these team members strive to make your pet as comfortable as possible when boarding with us.  In addition to feeding, medicating, and exercising our special guests, they also take extra time to brush or play with your pet.

  • Mikayla Young

    I am a Colorado native, born in the town of Pueblo.  As a youngster, I had the chance to live in various states with my family before settling in Milliken, Colorado just in time for grade school.  I later moved to Greeley with my mother and two brothers to attend Greeley West High School where I graduated in 2012 with my International Bachelorette diploma.  I went on to study at Aims Community College where I earned an associate's degree in science.  Currently, I am attending the University of Northern Colorado in hopes of graduating with a bachelor's degree in chemistry.

    My love for animals began very early, having lived and owned various animals since I was born.  While in Milliken, I took care of the stray cats that had made their homes in the surrounding corn fields and dairy farms.   I also domesticated numerous gardener snakes.  Today, my eldest brother works at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah where I frequently visit and volunteer as a caregiver to cats, dogs, pigs, horses, reptiles, and rabbits.  I joined the wonderful team at Sheep Draw in 2015 in order to work more personally with with animals and get a closer look at daily in-office laboratory procedures.  I am also a proud parent to a fat cat named Mercury, and my two dogs Kai and Crockett.

  • Jadynn Ryan

    I was born in Greeley, but moved to Orange County CA, where I spent 14 years of my life.  Going to the San Diego Zoo is where I fell in love with Zoology at 6 years old.  I moved back to Colorado in 2010 to pursue my bachelor's in Zoology at Colorado State University.  It is there where I started my internship at the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program.  For two years now I have dedicated my Sunday's helping rehabilitate raptors and give them a second chance at freedom.  I graduated from CSU in 2017.  all I ever wanted to do is help care for animals, it just took finding the right place.  Once I found Seep Draw, it was home.  Since the first time I walked through the hospital's doors, I have found a second family who helps me continue to learn and grow in the animal industry.  Currently, I have 2 cats, Neko and Milkyway and one dog named Isabelle.  Neko is an adult gib black cat, Milkyway is a senior tabby/Siamese-mix, and Isabelle is an adult boxer/plot hound mix.  



  • Ethan Miles
    Practice Manager

     I was born and raised in Greeley. I attended Greeley West High School and the University of Northern Colorado. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Zoology in 2001. I worked in veterinary clinics in Denver during the summer breaks in college, and joined the Sheep Draw team in June 2001 as a veterinary technician. I am the practice manager and love to help make sure our clients and patients receive the pinnacle of care. I live here in Greeley with my wonderful wife Maggie, my beautiful daughter Emmarie, my young son Marek, my two cats, Harry and Poppy and our French Bulldog Monkey. In my spare time I love to play ice hockey, golf, and spend time with my kids

  • Christa
    Assistant Manager

    Bio Coming Soon!


    Our team of highly skilled veterinarians is passionate about providing the best medical care possible for you and your pet.

  • Roger Klingenberg,

    Dr. Klingenberg was born in Loveland, but raised in Greeley, Colorado, where he attended Greeley Central High School prior to being admitted to Colorado State University. High school was an especially memorable time for him because he met his future wife, Elaine Foe, who currently is a practicing ophthalmologist in Greeley. They have been married since 1978 and have one son, Brad (who is married and living in Chicago), and a daughter, Kate (also married and living in San Diego).

    A merging of animal fascination with a life-long interest in science culminated in Dr. Klingenberg's graduation from the CSU veterinary program in 1978. He learned the trade in veterinary practices in St. Louis and Houston, while his wife finished medical school and then completed her internship and residency in ophthalmology. They moved back to Greeley in 1985 after an absence of 12 years, and Dr. Foe opened her own eye practice and Dr. Klingenberg founded Sheep Draw Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Klingenberg was the only veterinarian at Sheep Draw for 7 years, but the steady growth of the practice expanded the staff to the current four veterinarians and supporting staff.

    Being a pet owner helps Dr. Klingenberg keep in touch with what it is like to be on the other side of the exam table. He has cared for up to four dogs at one time and currently has two. Over the years he has bred and raised litters of Welsh Corgis, Bull Terriers, and Jack Russell Terriers. Unfortunately, his wife and children are very allergic to cats, so he has to enjoy seeing his patient's cats. In line with his interests in exotic animals, he always maintains a number of snakes, lizards, and turtle/tortoises, as well as the occasional insect. Breeding rare of seldom bred (in captivity) reptiles is a hobby he has never outgrown.

    Dr. Klingenberg is a well-known author, speaker, and a researcher of exotic pets, especially on the subject of reptile medicine and surgery. He has authored dozens of papers, articles, text book chapters, and books. His special interests include exotic pet medicine/surgery, orthopedic surgery (especially knees) in dogs and cats, applications of laser surgery, and all preventative health care issues that pertain to his client's pets.

  • Carla Gabel,

    Dr. Carla Gabel grew up on a small ranch in Southeastern Colorado. She knew by junior high that she was going to be a veterinarian; living in the country afforded her many learning opportunities in that field.  She attended Colorado State University majoring in Animal Science with an emphasis in Beef Production. She met her husband, Carl Gabel, during undergraduate school. They were wed during Dr. Gabel's sophomore year of vet school.   Dr. Gabel then went on to graduate from Colorado State University College of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences in May 1995. Her first job took her to a mixed animal practice in Ft. Scott, Kansas. She found that job to be a wonderful opportunity and gained a wide range of exposure that strengthened her experience and confidence. However, Carla and Carl missed their home state of Colorado so moved back in 1998.

    Her second job was at a small animal clinic in a cute little building in Lyons, Colorado. She really enjoyed the relationships she built with the people in that community, but a change in jobs necessitated a move. Dr. Gabel worked at Lyons Animal Clinic until April 2000.

    Carl accepted a job in Greeley so their family moved at that time. Dr. Gabel started at Sheep Draw Veterinary Hospital in April 2000. Carl continues as a Loan Officer for a community bank in Greeley. They have three children: a son, and two daughters. Currently they stay very busy with the kids, raising beef cattle and putting up hay.  Dr. Gabel enjoys being a part of the team at Sheep Draw Veterinary Hospital. The professionalism and commradery that is part of the environment make it a wonderful place to work. Dr. Gabel enjoys both the medical and surgical aspects of small animal practice with a special interest in dentistry. Her favorite part of practice is getting to be a part of a family's relationship from that first puppy or kitten exam to the geriatric exams. Being involved, and a part of all the life stages, and knowing that you are helping a family member is really rewarding. There is nothing like puppy breath!

  • Merideth Early,

    Dr. Early is not only native to Colorado, but also a life-long Weld County resident.  She has long admired the care of the veterinarians and staff from Sheep Draw and is very excited to be a part of the team. After graduating from Rocky Mountain High School, Dr. Early planned to go to college and eventually become a human physician.  Prior to college, she took some time away to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up.

    Some of that time she spent working at the humane society, at that time known as the Northern Colorado Animal League, and then obtained a job as a veterinary technician.  It was during that time that she realized how much she loved working with animals and that veterinary medicine offered more challenge, excitement, and diversity so she decided to become a veterinarian.

    Dr. Early returned to school at CSU and obtained a degree in microbiology with a minor in bio-medical science.  While in school, she also worked in an immunology lab.  She graduated summa cum laude and then continued her education of CSU for another four years before obtaining the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  As a veterinarian, Dr. Early has a special interest in dentistry, surgery, and exotic pets.  She also has a passion for parasitology and immune diseases. 

    Dr. Early currently resides in Johnstown where she recently moved with her new husband.  Together they have 4 human children and 1 cat, Nermal.  They are currently searching for the perfect dog to join their family.  Her family loves the Colorado outdoors, museums, and parks.

  • Jordan Dewing,

    Dr. Jordan Dewing grew up in a small dairy farming community in northeastern Pennsylvania.  It was here that his love for veterinary medicine began.   Dr. Dewing originally planned on practicing dairy medicine in the same community that he grew up in but life has a funny way of changing the best laid plans.  Dr. Dewing moved with his family to Longmont, CO when he was a teenager and he moved to Fort Collins to earn his Bachelor degree in Animal Science at Colorado State University a few years later.

    While at CSU Dr. Dewing met his wife Tracy, and they were married a few years later.  They have three wonderful children, Penelope, Parker, and Piper.  During this time Dr. Dewing worked at a small animal hospital in Fort Collins, ranging in positions from the front desk to the practice manager.  It was while there that his love for small animal medicine began to grow.  Dr. Dewing returned to school and graduated with his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in May, 2017.  His professional interests include strengthening the human-animal bond, soft tissue surgery, and internal medicine.

    In his free time Dr. Dewing enjoys spending time with his family, including their two dogs, Lily and Ginger.

  • Malinda "Mindi" Dosch,

    I was born in Mount Holly, New Jersey.  My mom and dad moved us to Colorado when I was 13. They were on their way to Oregon when the transmission went out in the family van and we ended up staying in Greeley.  I've been in Greeley ever since.  I graduated from Greeley Central High School, and started my working career as a secretary at several offices.  Then I worked at North Colorado Medical Center as a medical transcriptionist.  I went back to school to get a degree in biology at University of Northern Colorado and graduated in 1997.  It took me three tries to get into CSU's veterinary program, but I finally graduated in 2003.  I have two grown children and a husband who has been a truck driver for 30 years.  My pets have all been obtained through my work in vet med.  There are three dogs and one cat.  I love veterinary medicine and am happy to be back working in Greeley after several years away.

  • Bridget Edgren,

    Dr. Bridget was born and raised in Greeley.  It was in middle school when she developed her love of animals through riding and showing horses in the hunter/jumper arena.  Dr. Bridget attended St. Olaf College in Minnesota where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Biology.  She then returned to Colorado to pursue a master’s degree in neurobiology and anatomy and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University.  Upon graduation from veterinary school, she took an internship in small animal medicine in Sacramento, California for a year.  After finishing her internship, Dr. Bridget returned to Colorado and started working for a small animal hospital in Boulder where she practiced for 14 years.  She loves building relationships with her clients and taking care of their non-human children.  Currently, Dr. Bridget lives in Longmont with her husband and two wonderful daughters who keep her very busy.  She is very excited to work at Sheep Draw and to build long-lasting relationships with her clients and their pets

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  • "Very nice experience. Friendly staff at front desk. Was great meeting the doctor and she was wonderful with Annie. Good information and I was thankful to know what was happening and to understand it is age related."
    Dorothy T. / Greeley, CO

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